Atlanta Carnival 2022 is heating up!!!

Atlanta Carnival’s parade is scheduled to take place this year on May 28th this year.  Many of the bands have launched their lovely costumes within the last two weeks and so the excitement begins!

Nothing beats the feeling of watching the models come onto stage and "wuk up" in their costumes during a mas camp band launch, knowing in just a few short months it will be you in that costume going down the road!

Being a plus sized woman myself, one of the first things I look for are those camps wit’s the curvy girl options. One piece or high waisted are always amongst the favs, while more slender woman tend to go for the two piece and v-shaped designs.

One of the sections that’s offering an interesting color, a kind of peach, is IG@Infernoatl in collaboration with an Antiguan band called IG@insanecarnival.  The section is named “El Dorado”. The costume has peach, gold, and off white in the design.  The curvy sized bodysuit shows off the hips but still provides coverage in the stomach area as well.  It’s a winner for me!  Check out their costume and follow their IG pages today!  

Tell me, who is playing mas!

Yetta Fetta YF