Can you stretch your fishnets a size?

Every year, as a fishnets distributor, I encounter an issue with clients that need bigger fishnets than those available on the average market.  Maybe it's just the difference between the body type of those manufacturing the glitter fishnets vs. the ones that are commonly purchasing them for carnival worldwide.  Also, with so many turning to plastic surgery, and getting BBL, the dimensions that the fishnets are made often don't take these new bubble butts into consideration!

How do you deal with this come time to get into your costume and fishnets for carnival as a glitter fishnets distributor?  While I may not be able to promise any miracles, I have come up with a possible temporary solution for some of you carnival junkies!

I recently started to think about naturally curly hair, as I have myself 4C type of curly natural hair, and the shrinkage issue.  To explain further, for those that don't know about the shrinkage of natural hair, once your naturally curly hair is dry you lose several inches in length because the curls are no longer extended.

How does this correlate to fishnets you ask?  I was holding a pair of my fishnets in my hand, while doing a live demonstration for a client about how stretchy my glitter fishnets can be, and it dawned on me that there may be something I could do to stretch them even more.  I thought about my 4c curly hair, and the fishnets, and went to work conducting a small experiment.

Basically, I took a pair of my glitter fishnets, a container of any kind, submerged them in some hot water for a few minutes and towel dried them lightly.  After doing this I noticed that the glitter fishnets were a lot longer, than before I soaked them.  Would they shrink back after they were dried out, like my naturally curly hair?  To ensure that they didn't I used an ottoman and a yoga stretching roll to shape the fishnets in and dry.  Another method I felt worth trying, was to put on the fishnets while they were still damp, after they cooled down from the hot water!  If you need more room in your fishnets somewhere, what better way than to put them directly over the form you need them to take!  If this sounds rather unconventional, you haven't seen half the things that go on when people are getting ready to play mas and on the road!  You become very creative and determined after spending your dollars on your lovely carnival costume!  Besides, once your out on the road and in that nice warm sun, the fishnets will dry out rather fast!

I hope this encourages you to get creative with your fishnets, and don't be afraid to stretch them out.  If your fishnets are of a good quality, you should be able to apply this method without doing any damage to the fishnets themselves.

Check out the picture of my experiment; in the picture you are seeing a pair of glitter fishnets I used the method described on, and the yoga stretch log INSIDE of the fishnets, hanging from the wall and measuring over 6 feet long in height!

For an in person consultation, I am available to meet clients in Brooklyn, where I sell glitter fishnets to the local Caribbean community in which I reside.

See you on the road soon!