Double Glam Slam Fishnets Look

     Ever looked at a picture of one of your favorite performing artists online, in their often beautifully blinged out bodysuits, and wondered what stockings were they wearing on their legs?  I first noticed how stunning glossy tights looked with bodysuits when Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce would wear them in their performances, but never knew what type of stockings they were wearing. Many of us typically wear the standard pharmacy brand of pantyhose, like L'Eggs or No Nonsense, for simple work or casual daily looks.  

     For those of us that may not be as blessed with those type of bodacious curves and lovely legs, all is not lost!  You can still achieve a glamourous lovely legs look by doubling up on your leg wear! That's right, this little trick has a few benefits, when you get the correct type of stockings to create your look.

     When you wear both glossy tights and fishnets over them, you automatically reduce any appearances of cellulite or scars. I don't know about you, but that's a big selling point for me personally!  My former tomboyish ways have left me with a few battle scars over the years!  Most woman, even those that are physically active, have issues with cellulite and sometimes dimpling of the skin.  The grid pattern of fishnets help to conceal cellulite very well.

     Don't be afraid to double it up for your next bodysuit look, carnival costume, or with that mini skirt!  You may feel so good you might feel like you want to flirt.  Who knows, you may make a new friend, because nothing is more attractive than a woman with confidence!  A pair of great looking gams will get you attention every time.