Double Scoop of Mango for Atlanta Carnival 2022!!!

The plus sized costumes for Atlanta carnival continue to make my mouth water!  Reggaematicatl came with the flavor, with the section for Atlanta Carnival 2022 entitled "Julie Mango".  This option called "Double Scoop" is bright and vibrant.  It's a plus sized friendly high waisted bottom, or bodysuit, with a tasty shade of mango yellow, red, and green accents.

They sure know how to get a thick girl interested in this section with all of the food references!  But besides that, the costume has a bra that offers ample support for the "girls", something many plus sized woman look for when selecting their costume for carnival.  After all, it's hard to play mas when you're worrying about your areola popping out!  Especially with all of the cameras and phones out on the road ready to click a pic!

Registration for mas camps for Atlanta Carnival is open.  For more information on how to register for this costume and section:

Section:Julie Mango

Option: Double Scoop

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Go get you a scoop before it's gone!!!


Yetta Fetta