It’s Toronto Carnival 2022 Band Launch Season

One of the biggest cultural events in Toronto is around the corner, and we couldn't be any more excited. For nearly three weeks, Toronto will explode with fast and vibrant rhythms, passionate dancers carrying colorful, flamboyant costumes. The Toronto Caribbean Carnival is one of the most awaited events of the year, and with good reason!

For the past two years, the people of Toronto have been deprived of this piece of their culture owing to the COVID pandemic. It's safe to say the pandemic is finally over, and we will soon see the largest Caribbean parade in North America back on its tracks.

Are you looking to be a part of this event? You should register yourself for your favorite mas band before it’s too late!

Here is all you need to know about the Toronto Carnival 2022 and where you can register:

Toronto Caribbean Carnival 2022

The Toronto Caribbean Carnival is surely a day of celebration featuring a spectacular display of costumes, music, and culture. It is one of the largest cultural events in North America, bringing together over 2 million people each year. Initially started in the 1960s as a three-day festival, it has now grown to become a three-week celebration each summer.

This festival is planned out for several months, and artists from all over the world gather together to celebrate the big event. Various mas bands join in and plan out their costumes for the grand Toronto Carnival Parade - one of the festival's key events.

You will find incredibly feather-strewn carnival outfits and colorful, glittering outfits, showcasing the best of Caribbean culture. Dancing, doos, steel band street parties, and talk tents are some must-see events at the carnival.

And Caribana 2022 is about to bring all that back after a very long wait of two years.

Do You Know About The Deep Historical Significance This Fantastic Carnival Holds?

It was first performed as a tribute to Canada's Centennial celebrations under the name “Caribana” in 1967. In the start, a group of dedicated volunteers along with community support put this event together as it initially had no funding from the government. People gathered from all over the country to celebrate the Caribbean culture with music, dance, street theater, and mouth-watering food.

It was meant to unite the West Indian and Black Canadian cultures and traditions. Steel bands and parades with music such as the soca, steelpan, salsa, and calypso were added. It was kicked off with a carnival-style parade that anyone could join in to celebrate.

The event proved to be so successful that it even attracted the attention of Caribbean leaders and all sorts of performers; this support turned it from a one-time celebration into an annual affair.

caribana 2022

Bands to Look Out For At Caribana 2022

There are plenty of mas camps that attend the carnival each year, planning their carnival costumes for months before the big event. Some of the top names are slowly unveiling their costumes for this year's Toronto Carnival, with band launch season rounding up.

Every year these mas bands will reveal a general theme for their costumes in a grand reveal prior to the big event. We will offer you a short snippet of some top bands and their carnival costumes that you can look forward to!

Toronto Revellers

The Toronto Revellers had their band launch back for the 2022 Toronto Caribbean Carnival with the theme "Bon Voyage," including 13 individuals sections: The Lost City, River of Colours, Miami Beach, Capri, The Valley of the Kings,  Pearl of France, Osaka, Aurora, Montreux, Gardens By The Bay, Kumasi, & Mountains of Peru.

Each costume on its own is a complete showstopper showcasing the phenomenal and unique tourist attractions. You can order your own costume and register for the band from their website.

Epic Carnival

Epic Carnival is another notable mention with their dazzling costumes showcasing the theme "Energy." Their 2022 collections include 12 radiating costumes, including Shockwave, Pulse, Radiance, Glo, Chakra, Vibrance, Gravity, Aurora Borealis, Cosmetic Shower, Wild Fire, Animale, and Adrenaline. You can register for their band mas from their website here.


Allure for Caribana 2022 has introduced 5 costume sets under the theme "Chakra," each showcasing brilliant hues of yellow, orange, and green. With 88 days to go, you can pre-register for their Caribana band mas from their website here.

Saldenah Carnival

Saldenah Carnival has been crowned the Toronto Carnival Champion 20 times over the past few years. They hope to do the same this year with their great new releases. Their theme for this year is "Streets on Fire'' covering 16 elaborate costumes, including Rebirth, Canbouilay, Ignite, Purple Haze, Burning Desire, Nuri, Fire Starter, Amethyst Flames, Morning Glory, Blazing Inferno, Fever, Bachannal, Jab Ble, Vapour and Twin Flame.

They have also just started in-person registration at their mas camp along Birchmount Road, Scarborough; you can also purchase your costume online from

Atlantic Mas

Atlantic Mas has yet to release their full set of costumes, but they have revealed their theme for the 2022 Toronto Caribbean Festival, "Butterfly." They will have their grand Band Mas reveal on 8th May featuring costume release and live performances from several artists. Check out their event page for more insight on launches and registration!

Fantazia Carnival

Fantazia Carnival has also revealed its exciting band mas costumes and design. Their 2022 Toronto Caribbean Festival Band Launch dubbed their theme the "Origins," which falls in line with their theme from the previous band mas reveal, "Rebirth." Their theme is showcased in 7 stunning costume designs, including Sokah, Protea, Emerald City, Thebes Egypt, Afrikka, Supanova, and Time. Check out their website for a closer look at their costumes!

glitter fishnet

Looking for Fishnets for Your Carnival Costume?

The Toronto Carnival 2022 features some of the most lavishing costumes we have seen from artists around the globe. But to make your costume truly pop, you need to accessorize, add some eye-catching rhinestones to your suit, or pull on a pair of glitter stockings and sparkling fishnets, picture-perfect for a Caribbean Parade!

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